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Design / Food Blog / Identity / Photography

Food Blog & Website Design

You could be the next Julia Child, but without a beautiful blog and excellent food photography.. no one’s going to care. I work with clients on identity development (that means a full design suite including logos, color palette, ornaments, and more!) and full site design. I also offer blog coaching, photography tutoring, and marketing strategy. It’s a beautiful thing.
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Food & Beverage Photography

Until Tast-O-Vision technology is released (and I’m hoping that day comes sooner rather than later, because.. bacon), it’s imperative that your food and beverage products are beautifully styled and photographed. Today’s consumer’s expect lots of images, and for those images to be lovely. But food photography and styling is tricky; it’s always best to call in the big dogs. And in this instance.. I’m the big dogs.

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Digital Marketing

Yes, your nephew has an Instagram, and he wants to help you run yours. I wish it were that simple! Proper digital marketing and advertising is a multi-faceted practice that requires excellent content creation, well-developed strategy, and constant analysis and revision. I offer visual content creation (both photography and videography), copywriting, brand and voice development, and marketing strategy. #doesyournephewdothat #justkidding #imsurehesverynice

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